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How influential are you online?

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How to influence?

1. Sign up and get your own personalized unique URL link. That link lead to your profile of this site. Each unique click on this link from your networks adds 1 point to your influence score.

2. Your target is to spread your unique links and influence people to click on them. You may spread your links using the social networks, sending emails with your links or posting the links and the banners we provide you in your sites, blogs or other digital properties you might manage.

3. Each person who clicks on your link / banner for the first time helps increase your influence.

4. Webit Influence Project will also grant you credits for each click generated by new members who register through your link up to the fifth level away from your original link. Each level below your immediate influence level (level 1) brings you 1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 and 1/10 respectively of the points for the particular influence action.

5. The "Most Influential People" form each country as well as the Most Influential People Online will be the participants who demonstrate the greatest overall influence by the deadline within their countries and worldwide.

6. Once the project ends the top 15 people within each country shall have to vote for the top 5 most influential among them. Thus we will also the personal factor in order to choose the most influential people within a country.

7. The project begins [STARD DATE] and ends [END DATE] at midnight GMT

8. Registering for Webit Most Influential People Online i2011 you agree that in order to increase your influence index you are not going to:
- do click fraud- the practice of inflating clicks with automatic clicking software
- use misleading messaged in order to motivate click on your links. Misleading are messages which promote added values which this project does not provide. For example: "win million dollars"
- use any other fraud to manipulate the results

In any of these cases as well as any other forms of unfair participation the organizers have the right to suspend or delete the particular account in Webit Most Influential People Online.

In any case of suspected fraud and/or unfair participation the organizers have the right to suspend the user account and in case of confirmed unfair play the organizers have the right to delete the user account.

9. Since this experiment is to find and endorse the most influential people only real people may participate with his/her real name and surname. Nicknames may only be added to the surname in case the participant is widely recognized by the nickname. Example "James Dean - TheLion" The organizers have the right to suspend account which lack of real names.