Spread your digital influence - Webit Digital Influence Project

How influential are you online?

Influence Now

Influence is more than just number of friends, followers, fans... Influence is about motivating people go beyond just having you in their network lists... Influence is beyond the click. The influential people we are looking for are those who can motivate their social networks to act upon their call; we are looking for people who's recommendation is heard and followed; people who's word is taken seriously and move people to action; people who motivate their networks not only to react, but also to share with others.

This is the target of this project - to find those influential people worldwide and to endorse them at Webit web site and during the biggest digital industry event - Webit Congress 2011 26-27 October 2011.

How do we measure the influence?

We also measure the levels of influence up to the fifth level of contacts of your contacts. Thus if you motivate your contacts to register, and they motivate others to register, etc they spread your influence around your country and worldwide and we measure it.

Each click counts 1 point.