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1 of 4 Tina Jonasen

Tina Jonasen


Web: http://www.thinkinnewareas.com

Bio: Professional MatchMaker & Social media consultant   see Tina's influence score

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2 of 4 Henrik Christensen

Henrik Christensen


Web: http://dotcoma.dk

Bio: Leader with a vision - focus on practical leadership   see Henrik's influence score

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3 of 4 Erik Haahr

Erik Haahr


Web: http://erikhaahr.com/

Bio: Advising businesses how to get better IT at a lower cost. Focus on IT Governance (CobiT) and Enterprise Architecture. Marathon runner.   see Erik's influence score

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4 of 4 Michael Winther-Rasmussen

Michael Winther-Rasmussen


Bio: PR and Communication Manager at BoligPortal.dk. Former editorial manager at ekstrabladet.dk and Chief Online Editor at Folketidende Gruppen   see Michael's influence score

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