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1 of 4 Filippo Randazzo

Filippo Randazzo


Web: http://www.randazzo.ch

Bio: Digital immigrant, I'm an all-rounder of the Web 2.0 and a promoter of the social networking   see Filippo's influence score

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2 of 4 Martin Gysler

Martin Gysler


Web: www.martingysler.com

Bio: I am a professional in network marketing and a Social Media geek. Entrepreneur and autodidact, I like Freedom and much more!   see Martin's influence score

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3 of 4 Enea Moro

Enea Moro


Web: http://eneamoro.com

Bio: SEO Specialist, Webmaster and Blogger. Wordpress expert.   see Enea's influence score

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4 of 4 Matthias Lüfkens

Matthias Lüfkens


Web: http://www.weforum.org

Bio: Head of Digital Media at the World Economic Forum, former journalist and co-founder of the In Your Pocket city guides.   see Matthias's influence score

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