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1 of 4 Tina Cook

Tina Cook

South africa

Web: http://www.SocialMediaMarketingMentor.com

Bio: Social Media Marketing Strategist & Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. Loves working with innovative entrepreneurs all over the globe.   see Tina's influence score

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2 of 4 Simon Botes

Simon Botes

South africa

Web: www.simonb.co.za

Bio: Founder of AppCRAFT. Lover of all things mobile. Social freak and family man doing what he does best.   see Simon's influence score

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3 of 4 Mart Botha

Mart Botha

South africa

Bio: Administration Manager, HONDA Cape Town. 50 year old white single male.   see Mart's influence score

4 of 4 Barry Hendriks

Barry Hendriks

South africa

Web: http://affiliatevirgins.com

Bio: I am into Affiliate Marketing, Forex and Music. I like movies and programming.   see Barry's influence score