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1 of 5 Khalid Muhammad

Khalid Muhammad


Web: http://www.emagine-group.com

Bio: If you are looking for someone who can see through smoke and mirrors and who understands how to capture a market, we need to talk.   see Khalid's influence score

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2 of 5 Usama Ahmed

Usama Ahmed


Web: http://usamaahmed.blogspot.com/

Bio: A Software Architect, iPhone, Objective-C, PHP, Actionscript Guru.   see Usama's influence score

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3 of 5 Sarosh Waiz

Sarosh Waiz


Web: http://saroshwaiz.com

Bio: Chief Strategy Officer at Sociality360.   see Sarosh's influence score

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4 of 5 Xaid Xaidi

Xaid Xaidi


Web: www.needforblood.com

Bio: Social Activist   see Xaid's influence score

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5 of 5 Waheed Ali

Waheed Ali


Bio: i am waheed ali 22 years old guy,student of electronics engineering final year   see Waheed's influence score