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1 of 22 Arjun Sreedharan

Arjun Sreedharan


Bio: "Without the freedom to offend, the freedom of expression ceases to exist". 4th year BTech. Comski NIT Calicut   see Arjun's influence score

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2 of 22 Nitin Aggarwal

Nitin Aggarwal


Web: peacemaxlife.blogspot.com

Bio: Structural Engineer by profession, funny guy by choice and Empire Avenue addict for the past 4 months.   see Nitin's influence score

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3 of 22 Cijo Abraham Mani

Cijo Abraham Mani


Bio: Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Marketing Professional, Social Media Blogger & Speaker, Technology Enthusiast.   see Cijo Abraham's influence score

4 of 22 Surya Ray

Surya Ray


Bio: This is Surya Ray from New Delhi, India.   see Surya's influence score

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5 of 22 Vedamitra Paul

Vedamitra Paul


Web: virtualcorporates.com

Bio: Founder of Virtual Corporates, Mighty name in outsourcing industry   see Vedamitra's influence score